The European PowerSchool Users’ Group is a non-profit network of 29 educational institutions, primarily international schools, in 18 countries using the PowerSchool Student Information System. The group was founded in 2012 for the purpose of building connections, increasing skills, and sharing expertise among European users in order to more effectively utilize PowerSchool at our individual schools. We organize an annual training and networking conference hosted by a different member school each year. If your school has just implemented or is planning on implementing PowerSchool soon, we’d love to have you join us! Please see the Contact Us page for more information.

Founder & Chair – Romy Backus

Romy 3086_Backus - ZIS 2010
Romy is currently the Student Information Systems Specialist at the American School of Dubai (ASD) and and is responsible for PowerSchool system administration, user training & support, scheduling, online reporting, and more. From 2010-2015 she served as PowerSchool Coordinator at Zurich International School (ZIS) in Switzerland and founded the European PSUG in 2012. She particularly enjoys building customizations and finding creative ways to make the system work for international schools’ needs. In addition to her work at ZIS and ASD, she also consults for a number of international schools and teaches sessions at the PSUG National Conference in the United States each summer. A Swiss/New Zealand/Dutch citizen and former international school student who grew up in Egypt, China, and the United States, Romy enjoys reading, cooking, running, hiking, and traveling often. You can get in touch with her on Twitter @thepowerfrau or via email.

2013 Conference Host – Marc Boyer (American School of Valencia)

2014 Conference Host – Daren Scerri (Archbishop’s Seminary of Malta)

Daren is the Deputy Head of Secondary at the Archbishop’s Seminary in Rabat, Malta. He is Maltese and attended the Archbishop’s Seminary as a boy. After completing his Bachelor’s degree at Malta University, Daren returned to the Seminary in the capacity of computer science teacher and network administrator. He eventually become Deputy Head in 2012 and is currently completing his MSc degree at the university of Leicester. His research is focused on school-level systems to improve learning. He also serves as the PowerSchool Administrator and is heavily involved with all aspects of using the system. He has taught sessions on ReportWorks at group conferences and is a core member of the European PowerSchool Users’ Group.

2015 Conference Host – Sanja Kisicek (American International School of Zagreb)

2016 Conference Host – Bridget Anderson (American School of the Hague)

2017 Conference Hosts – Emma Dixon & Victoria Collins (Leysin American School)

2018 Conference Host – Rick Park (American Overseas School of Rome)

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