About the School

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The Archbishop’s Seminary Primary & Secondary School is located in the southern village of Rabat on the main island of Malta. In contrast to the bulk of Malta, the Archbishop’s Seminary is located in a very rural and quiet area. The Seminary is surrounded by trees and located on a hill giving it an astonishing view over Valletta, the Grand Harbour, the sea and the entire eastern part of Malta. Pope Benedict XVI walked through the gardens to pray the rosary during his visit to Malta. The green and overshadowed gardens are a great place for retreats, silence and relaxation. 10 minutes walk away from the school, one can find the Old City of M’dina dating from Roman Times and St. Paul’s Grotto where tradition states that St. Paul was held as a prisoner during the time he spent on the Island.

Part of the premises encompass a new elementary and high school, each room equipped with the latest interactive technology, six science/D&T laboratories, four ICT labs, indoor/outdoor play areas, canteen, chapel and auditorium amongst others. Another two separate wings hold the lodging quarters for guests. These quarters provide 60 bedrooms each with ensuite facilities. Apart from the school canteen, the Seminary also provides 3 lunch rooms and banqueting facilities.

The Seminary dates its founding to 1703 and has a current enrollment of 700 boys ages 5-16. They have been using PowerSchool for the past three years.

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