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PowerScheduler Out-of-the-Box (Greg Satterwhite)
Based on Greg’s years of hands-on scheduling experience and expertise, this session will teach you strategies, tips, tricks and processes that you won’t read about in the standard user guides: using Section Types and Houses in non-standard ways, building portions of your schedule (aka 2nd year IB) and converting it to pre-schedule constraints before building everything else, Advanced Scenario Settings, and more!  There will also be time in class to discuss unique schedules and get Greg’s advice on your situation. This session will be held twice so that everyone has a chance to attend – don’t miss it!

PowerScheduler In-Depth: Course Preferences, Course Relationships, and Constraints (Greg Satterwhite)
Delve more deeply into different aspects of PowerScheduler with this session taught by a scheduling expert.

PowerScheduler In-Depth: Course Catalog and the Course Requests Process (Greg Satterwhite)
Delve more deeply into different aspects of PowerScheduler with this session taught by a scheduling expert.

PowerScheduler: Best Practices for Setting Up Your Next Scheduling Year (Greg Satterwhite)
Come and learn the best way to set up your new scheduling year, including what you can/should copy from one year to the next and how to do it.

Scheduling Open Lab
Bring your toughest scheduling questions and problems for Greg Satterwhite to answer!

Database Extensions, Page Fragments, and Plugins (Roger Sprik)
Recent versions of PowerSchool have greatly expanded the functionality and flexibility of customization. Come and learn about all the new stuff: how to leverage database extensions to hold additional data, write and add a page fragment to make your custom pages upgrade-proof, and use plugins to simplify installing and managing larger customizations.

PowerSchool Mobile – Apps and Webpages (Roger Sprik)
Learn how to make PowerSchool available to your users on the go: teachers can take attendance on field trips, administrators can easily find a student while walking around a building or call a parent from their mobile phone, counselors can see exactly whose birthday it is today! This session will cover how to enable and use the mobile web pages, as well as the native PowerSchool apps for Parents, Students, and Teachers.

GPA Overview with Honor Roll and Class Rank (Roger Sprik)
Learn how to set up and troubleshoot GPA calculation methods and use them for reports, honor rolls and class ranks.

What’s New in PowerSchool 8? (Roger Sprik)
Come and find out everything you need to know about the latest major release of PowerSchool!

Searching and Exporting including Excel Tips and Tricks (Roger Sprik)
Are you having trouble finding and/or exporting the exact data you need, in the format you want? Come to this session to learn about conducting advanced PowerSchool searches, using different strategies for getting data out of PowerSchool, as well as some handy tips and tricks for working with that data in Excel.

Customization Lab (Romy Backus, Alex Toader, Roger Sprik)
Bring your own customization ideas/projects and get help and answers from the experts.

End-of-Year and Start-of-Year Process (Romy Backus)
One of the biggest responsibilities of a PowerSchool Administrator is ensuring that the End-of-Year Process (aka rollover) goes smoothly and that everything is ready in the system for the new school year. We’ll walk through the timeline of tasks that need to be completed as well as look at some other tips and tricks that can save you time and hassle.

Common Customization Problems & How To Fix Them (Romy Backus)
This session will address some of the most common questions and problems related to customizing PowerSchool and how to fix them, including: String Key Not Found, issues with data submission, links not appearing properly, plugin installation, and more.

Finding, Using, and Installing Common Customizations (Romy Backus)
How to look like a customization genius with little effort! We will look at some of the most popular customizations available on PowerSource and other outlets – PowerDataSolutions, NickTech, SIS Resources, etc., what use they might be to you, and common questions and issues you might have installing and using them.

IB Reporting Discussion/Round Table (Romy Backus)
This session has been added at the request of many attendees from IB schools. We’ll be kicking off a discussion regarding how PowerSchool can best be set up to work with IB grading at the PYP, MYP, and DP levels. The format of this session will be a round-table with everyone contributing to the discussion and schools who have wrestled with this problem sharing their experiences and challenges.

Language Translation Toolkit (Romy Backus)
Learn how to translate PowerSchool into different languages. We’ll take a look at how to set up and use this feature, what comes built in and what you can do yourself, including some handy tips and ideas for changing terminology without customizing even if you only have your system in English.

Paperless Reporting through the Parent/Student Portal –  Zurich International School Case Study (Romy Backus)
Since August 2011, Zurich International School has transitioned from mailed-home paper report cards to fully online reporting through the PowerSchool Portal at all grade levels (PS-12). Come to this session to learn about the timeline, policies, and challenges of managing this transition, see examples of how ZIS reports to our parents and students, and delve into the underlying customizations and code.

Building and Editing Object Reports with VisualPST (Sanja Kisicek)
Are you spending hours building and editing object reports, going to six decimal places in the x and y axes to get that line or piece of text just right? You need VisualPST, software that takes the pain out of creating object reports by providing a visual layout and drag-and-drop functionality. Come and learn the basics of using this software and receive a free trial license code to test it out at your own school.

Customization Examples from the International School of Brussels (Alex Toader)
Alex is an advanced customizer of PowerSchool and will be showing off and sharing some of the projects he has created for his school. These include ‘Caps Lock On’ message alert for Admin and Teacher log in pages, Attendance alerts, Parent Portal input pages, and much more.

Strategies and Examples of PowerSchool Integration (intellimedia – remote session)
Intellimedia is our conference sponsor and specialize in PowerSchool customizations, training, and integration. This session will present examples of how Pearson partner companies have leveraged functionality in PowerSchool to seamlessly integrate their own products into the system and extend PowerSchool’s functionality.

Introduction to sqlReports 4, sqlCharts, and sqlExports (Matt Freund – remote session)
Matt Freund will present an overview of sqlReports 4, one of the most popular and useful free PowerSchool customizations, that allows users to create dynamic ad-hoc reports right within the PowerSchool interface with a minimum of coding ability. He will also cover sqlCharts (allows beautiful and flexible charts and graphs to be build with PowerSchool data) and sqlExports (automated data exports), which are paid extensions to sqlReports.

Elementary Standards-Based Gradebook (Bob Cornacchioli – remote session)
This session will guide you through how to set up Elementary Standards, define grading scales, and provide an overview of Standard based Gradebook for teachers at the elementary level. We will also cover some simple standards-based report cards.

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