Flights & Transportation

Airport & Airlines

Luqa Malta International Airport (MLA) is served by over 25 airlines, including Air Malta, easyJet, Ryanair, British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa, Emirates, and Alitalia.

Airport to Hotels/Seminary

Malta Transfer – Making a booking in advance with Malta Transfer is the most cost-effective (less than 10 Euros per person per trip on a shared shuttle), reliable, and recommended transportation method to get to and from the airport. Please go to the website and choose either Shuttle Transfer or Private Cab. If you are staying at the Seminary, select Other Location as your Drop Off Location, and select “Rabat Parish Church” or “Rabat.” These are the closest locations to the Seminary, which the driver will drop you off at directly if you mention it.  If you are staying at a hotel in St. Julian’s, just select that hotel from the list on the site when making your reservation.

White Taxi – These taxis are available at the airport to take without pre-booking, however they run on a meter and the cost will be accordingly higher. Expect to pay about 30 Euros one-way to either the Seminary or St. Julian’s.

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