Session Catalog

Session 1 (Day 1)

Scheduling (Prepare to Build/Load) (all levels) – Greg Satterwhite
Comprehensive PowerScheduler training over two full days! Join Greg for a complete run-through of the PowerSchool schedule building and loading process from beginning to end.  If you sign up for this you are committing to attending the full two day workshop.

Unified Classroom  – Jason Springel
Come to this session to learn about the Unified Classroom, the future of PowerSchool SIS. The Unified Classroom brings together PowerSchool SIS, PowerTeacher Pro, PowerSchool Learning, and PowerSchool Assessment into a single unified interface that provides easy access to all of these separate systems.

Intro to Customization – Adam Larsen
You may have heard that PowerSchool is customizable, but what does that mean?  This session will introduce system administrators to the basics of customization, including enabling and using Custom Page Management, editing existing pages, and creating page fragments.

Implementing Standards – Bob Cornacchioli
Learn about Standards from a curriculum and technology point of view. Participants will learn about the components of school based standards, conversion scales, identifiers and how to build a spreadsheet to allow standards to be imported into PowerSchool. Learn some tips and tricks from years of experience.

Intro to PowerSchool – Romy Backus
Welcome to PowerSchool! This session will get you started with the basics of PowerSchool with an overview of the four different portals: administrator, teacher, substitute, and parent/student. Then, go more in-depth on the admin side by learning how to search for students, use student fields, find student information on student pages, find teacher schedules and class lists, work with student selections, and run a report. Come and pick up lots of tips and tricks to help with daily usage!

Session 2 (Day 1)

Intro to HTML/CSS  – Adam Larsen
PowerSchool is a website, and websites are laid out using HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and styled with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This session will teach you the basic of both, including the usual HTML tags, their default display behavior, and how to alter their appearance with CSS. We will also cover CSS selectors, IDs, and classes, as well as HTML forms.

Standards and Grade Scales – Bob Cornacchioli
This session will provide an in-depth understanding how standard grades are generated by the gradebook based upon these various components/sets on your server. Participants will walk away with how auto-calculating assignments standards works as well as the set-up of standards to allow automatically calculate higher level standards grades from lower level standards grades. We will explore all Score Types and PTP settings and still leave time for attendees to ask plenty of questions.

School Admin Toolbox – Romy Backus
This session is a continuation from the Introduction to PowerSchool and is designed for office managers, registrars, school counselors, principals/assistant principals, and other school administrators. It will dive deeper into various functionalities of the admin side and student pages. We will discuss how to enroll and withdraw students, work with historical grades and transcripts, get lists of data (demographics, GPA, cumulative credits), view attendance totals, run honor roll, check graduation progress, work with log entries, and more.

Session 3 (Day 1)

PowerTeacher Pro – Teachers – Jason Springel
Come to this session to learn how teachers use and interact with PowerTeacher Pro and their grading data, including assignments, student view, running reports, and the student metrics and progress areas.

GDPR Compliance Roundtable – Michelle Laudermilk (Leysin American School)
This session is dedicated to discussion on the steps that schools have taken to comply with the General Data Protection Regulations, which came into effect in May 2018.

SQL Part 1 – Adam Larsen
Are you limited by the export functionality of DDE or export templates and looking for a more powerful way to do exports? Do you ever look at custom pages and wonder what the tlist_sql stuff is and how to modify it? This two-part session will introduce you to SQL, also known as Structured Query Language. You’ll learn how to use it with Oracle SQL Developer to get around the limits of PS exports, and get a basic understanding of how it works for use in custom pages and reporting engine reports.

Standards Grades Analytics – Bob Cornacchioli
Come see how some schools are analyzing their standard based data – Scores, Assignments, Grading Practices per Grade Level. Working with Matt Freund, we developed a series of free SQL Reports and Custom Pages to help your teachers and administrators analyze the data during and at terms end. These reports provide information to administrators to make better data driven decisions on standards, grades, instruction strategies for at risk populations and more.

Session 4 (Day 2)

SQL Part 2 – Adam Larsen
This is a continuation of the SQL Part 1 session.

PowerTeacher Pro – System Administrators  – Jason Springel
Learn all about PowerTeacherPro, PowerSchool’s latest Gradebook. Discuss best practices for the transition from PowerTeacher Gradebook, back-end setup, and the roadmap for future enhancements.

Exporting from PowerSchool – Romy Backus
There are many ways to get data out of PowerSchool.  This session will look at the beginner (List Students, Quick Export), intermediate (system reports, export templates, using sqlReports), and advanced options (Direct Database Export/Direct Database Access, Data Export Manager). Enterprise Reporting will be covered in a separate session.

Session 5 (Day 2)

Finding and Using Popular Customizations – Romy Backus
How to look like a genius with little effort. We will look at simple customizations using Custom Page Management, using what is available on PowerSource, PSUG and other outlets – PDS, NickTech, SIS Resources, etc. We will also incorporate Insertion Points and Page Fragments.  This is a good course to take if you are unable to take Adam’s customization track or delve deeply into learning to write your own code, but would still like to enhance your system with some great free plugins.

Design Considerations for Standards-Based Report Cards – Bob Cornacchioli
Need to build a printable standard based report card? Bob will share all aspects to consider as you begin design your standard based report cards. Learn some of the PS constraints on the technical side that may impact curriculum.

PowerSchool API and PowerQueries – Chris Walberg, intellimedia (remote)
Accessing data in a structured manageable way.  Learn about the capabilities of the PowerSchool API including the addition of PowerQueries to access the PowerSchool data in a maintainable way.  A common documented approach for external data access, integrations and customizations. This is an advanced/expert session.

Session 6 (Day 2)

Course Prerequisites, Teacher Recommendations and Student Course Selection – Greg Satterwhite
Come to this session to learn how to set up course prerequisites, train teachers to enter course recommendations for students, and finally how all these pieces fit together in allowing students to select and submit their course requests from the student portal in preparation for scheduling season.

Enterprise Reporting – Creating Custom Reports – Jason Springel
Enterprise Reporting is the most exciting reporting and data extraction tool you have ever seen! This session will cover everything there is to know about Enterprise Reporting. We will show all of the features that are available to users who run reports, and then learn how to build your own custom Enterprise Reports.

Data Access Tags (DAT Codes) – Adam Larsen
Data Access Tags (DAT Codes) are snippets of PowerSchool HTML that can be used to export data, modify output, and even perform simple logic. They are the building blocks of Object Reports, Report Card headers and footers, and PS HTML pages.

Final Grades: Pieces of the Puzzle – Romy Backus
Understand the key pieces of the PowerSchool puzzle that lead to the grade results you see in Historic Grades and on transcripts. Learn how terms, grading periods, course structure, grade scale setup, gradebook configuration and the storing process all come together.

Session 7 (Day 3)

Scheduling Lab – Greg Satterwhite
Apply everything you’ve learned in Prepare to Build and Load to your own schedule, with Greg’s expert help.

Student Contacts Deep Dive – Jason Springel
Do you have a lot of custom fields that hold student contacts’ data? What’s the best way to manage the transition to the new Student Contacts feature to ensure clean data and minimal confusion? How do you import new contacts rather than having to enter them manually? Come to this session to learn the answer to all these questions and more.

Putting It All Together – Adding HTML Reports for the Teacher Side – Adam Larsen
Put together all the knowledge you’ve gained in the first four sessions into a hands-on project! Have you ever wanted to have a report available to your teachers using tlist_sql (a custom screen)? This class will cover generating tlist_sql reports and customizing so your new reports will be added to the teacher select list when logged in as a teacher to PowerSchool. This is not directly in the gradebook but in the teachers login.

Session 8 (Day 3)

Scheduling Lab – Greg Satterwhite
Apply everything you’ve learned in Prepare to Build and Load to your own schedule, with Greg’s expert help.


Open Lab (Day 3)

This is unstructured time to work one-on-one with all the trainers and your fellow attendees to address topics that are specific to your server or that came up in sessions and get all your questions answered!