Zagreb 2015


A small school with a huge heart hosts PSUG Europe 2015!

AISZ flags

This year’s conference was held September 25-27 at the American International School of Zagreb, Croatia, welcoming 40 guests from 18 international schools. The event was a huge success, featuring great sessions and idea exchanges.  The attendees counted superintendents, deans, principals, managers, specialists, assistants, counsellors, secretaries, teachers, company representatives and many more. All of them reported on feeling extremely welcome at AISZ, Zagreb and Croatia. The team work of AISZ staff enabled that everything goes smoothly, at the benefit of all the participants and everyone included. We started the conference with a Zagreb tour, and continued with training sessions stretching through Friday afternoon and entire Saturday, ending on Sunday by 4:00 p.m. It was an enjoyable experience to learn form top expertise, including Greg Satterwhite, Adam Larsen, Jason Springel, Romy Backus, and also featuring two remote presenters — Chris Walberg (Intellimedia, In.) and Bob Cornachiolli). The event was highly sponsored by Intellimedia, Inc. and PowerSchool Group LLC, and supported by CEESA, AISZ and the PTA. 


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