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Zagreb International Airport – Pleso, is served by many airline companies including Croatia Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Germanwings, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, and other. It is approximately 20 k from Zagreb, i.e. 30 minutes drive form the centre of Zagreb.

Airport to Hotel Dubrovnik / City Centre

The scheduled bus shuttlePleso prijevoz” operates in scheduled intervals up to 20:00 hours each day, and it follows the arrival of all scheduled traffic landings at the airport. It takes cca 30 min to reach the Central Bus Station in Zagreb. From the central bus station you can take a taxi to hotel Dubrovnik (cost ~ 5 EUR) or a tram (cost ~1.5 EUR) number 6 in the direction of the centre, heading north (you exit at the Ban Jelacic Square where the hotel is located).

Taxi from the Airport – taxis in Velika Gorica where the airport is located are more expensive than the city taxis in Zagreb.  If you take a taxi from he airport to the centre, expect a cost of 25 EUR to ether the hotel or the school. When you will be taking a taxi to the airport, the cost will be significantly less, we recommend Zagreb Radio taxi (1717), and you should expect the cost od 10-15 EUR max. We will organize shared taxis upon attendee’s scheduled returning flights on Sunday, September 27, 2015.

City transportation in Zagreb – except for affordable city taxis, there are city trams (Zagreb Electric Tram). There are 15 routes in Zagreb, and many stop either at Ban Jelačić Square (the main square), in Crotian Trg ban Jelačića, or at the main train station, in Croatian Glavni kolodvor. Trams number 6, 11, 12, 14, 17 run through Ban Jelačić Square. Full details of the tram system can be found at the Zagreb Tram website.

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