Session Offerings – UPDATED!

PowerSchool API and PowerQueries (remote session by Intellimedia, Chris Walberg) Accessing data in a structured manageable way.  Learn about the capabilities of the PowerSchool API including the addition of PowerQueries to access the PowerSchool data in a maintainable way.  A common documented approach for external data access, integrations and customizations.


Automating Data Tasks (Adam Larsen)
“As schools become more data-driven their decision making, it is becoming increasingly important to provide consistent, quality data to teachers and school administrators.  One easy way to reduce the workload this places on the IT department and to ensure data integrity is to automate routine tasks.  Do you have reports that need to be run at the same time each week?  Schedule a job to run and e-mail a file without human input at regular intervals.  Attendees will learn about tools for scheduling tasks, queries that change behavior depending on the time of year, and tips for “”set-it-and-forget-it”” data schedules.  This session will walk users through the Navicat program, but skills and approaches learned here can be generalized to other software packages.
Intended audience: PowerSchool system administrators
Requirements: working knowledge of SQL”

Visualizing Data in HTML Pages with FusionCharts (Adam Larsen)
Have you ever found yourself making the same Excel charts over and over again in order to stay current with ever-changing data?  Have you ever wondered if there was a way to create graphs of live data right in in PowerSchool?  The FusionCharts library that comes with PowerSchool provides a free way to develop simple and complex graphs of realtime data and embed them into HTML pages.  This session will introduce attendees to the FusionCharts documentation and demonstrate some examples of where these tools could come in handy.
Intended audience: PowerSchool system administrators, chart geeks, customizers, and developers.
Requirements: working knowledge of SQL, HTML, and JavaScript

SQL – Beginning (Adam Larsen)
Structured Query Language is the fastest and most powerful way to extract, manipulate, and report out on data in PowerSchool.  This session will provide an introduction to the concepts of relational databases, the PowerSchool Oracle schema, and ways to run queries.  Features of SQL in this session include: SELECT, WHERE, AND/OR, ORDER BY, and DISTINCT.  We will also highlight some of the most commonly-queried tables, including Students, Schools, Courses, CC, and Sections.

SQL – Intermediate (Adam Larsen)
This session builds on the content from the Beginning course and adds the following features of SQL: string manipulation, math, dates, CASE, custom fields, simple aggregate functions, and GROUP BY.  Introduction to INNER JOIN and OUTER JOIN.

SQL – Advanced (Adam Larsen)
This session builds on the content from the Beginner and Intermediate courses and adds the following features of SQL: deep dive of INNER JOIN and OUTER JOIN, subqueries, HAVING, LISTAGG, and WITH.

HTML/CSS 1 (Adam Larsen)
PowerSchool is a website, and websites are laid out using HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and styled with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). This session will teach you the basic of both, including the usual HTML tags, their default display behavior, and how to alter their appearance with CSS. We will also cover CSS selectors, IDs, and classes, as well as HTML forms. This is the first course to start learning about PowerSchool customization.

HTML/CSS 2 (Adam Larsen)
This course will discuss more advanced features of HTML and CSS, including pseudo-classes, complex element selectors, troubleshooting design issues, and making customizations fit within the overall PowerSchool design structure.

Putting it all together – Customization Lab (Adam Larsen)
Throughout the conference you’ve had the opportunity to learn many different skills needed to customize PowerSchool and make it exactly what you want.  In this class, we will be putting all of those pieces together to build new customizations and install them to a server.  You’ve learned all of the skills; now put them to work and develop novel projects that will make your teachers, parents, and admins happy.  We will leverage HTML, CSS, jQuery, SQL, PowerSchool tags, and possibly DB Extensions to build a new customization.  Come with ideas of what to create!

PowerScheduler Overview (Greg Satterwhite)
“What is PowerScheduler and how does it work? What is involved in doing a schedule “Build” in PowerSchool’s PowerScheduler, and why would you want to? Understand the overall process from beginning to end”

PowerScheduler – Prepare to Build (Greg Satterwhite)
“Getting started in PowerScheduler hands-on. What are the steps involved in getting started in PowerScheduler for the next school year? The difference between the Build and Load, and Load Only, and helpful information you can copy over from one year to the next.”

Course Information, Course Relationships and Constraints (Greg Satterwhite)
“One of the most important aspects to scheduling in PowerScheduler is defining your courses and the way they build into your schedule. We will cover Course Preferences, Course Relationships (how courses can be related or interact with other courses) and Constraints – exceptions that we force Powerscheduler to consider while building the schedule and loading students into the schedule.”

Course Groups and Online Request Screen Configuration (Greg Satterwhite)
“Learn how to define Course Groups and how they can be used, with an emphasis on their role in PowerScheduler. We then will work though the process of setting up online registration screens to collect the student course requests that serve as the foundation for the PowerScheduler Build and Load processes.”

Scheduling “Outside the Box” (Greg Satterwhite)
“A working discussion of unique scheduling challenges and exploring creative ways to efficiently get the best schedule possible for your school”

Scheduling Lab  (Greg Satterwhite)
“Hands-on session to ask questions and get help from a scheduling expert”. Bring your toughest scheduling questions and problems for Greg Satterwhite to answer!


PowerSchool 9 Deep Dive (Jason Springel)
This session will provide a details explanation of all of the new features in PowerSchool 9.0 and 9.1.

Using the New Standard Object Report (Jason Springel)
This session will cover the new Standards object that was added in 9.0. It offers a really flexible (and easier) way to produce standards-based report cards.  It’s based on the Transcript object and can auto-produce a course listing and the standards for each course and their grades.

Database Extensions – Best Practices (Jason Springel)
PowerSchool has a much improved way to add custom fields to your system. This double session (3 hours) will cover everything there is to know about Database Extensions. What are they and why were they created? How to create custom fields with the new database extension tools. What about migrating your existing custom fields? This session will provide best-practice recommendations for all of that. What about design? In this class we will go over some ways to design your database extensions so you can get more out of them. Custom fields aren’t as simple as they used to be, but they are a lot more powerful and we’ll learn how to make the most of them.

Modern PowerSchool Security (Jason Springel)
Security settings in PowerSchool have changed dramatically in the past year. This session will bring you up to speed on field level security, user access roles, document attachment security and more. Come learn critical information for keeping your system secure and also how to take advantage of the greatly expanded flexibility PowerSchool now offers.

A Day in the Life of a Powerful Secretary (Jason Springel)
This session will provide training surrounding a typical day for a secretary using PowerSchool. We will take you through a typical day of a secretary and all the features used on a regular basis. We’ll share tips on how PowerSchool works for us and what we do to manage the daily tasks in PowerSchool. Topics covered will include personalization, attendance, reports, daily bulletin, log entries, PowerLunch and getting data out for daily inquiries.

Design Considerations for Building Your Standard Based Report Card (remote session by Bob Cornacchioli)
Need to build a printable standard based report card? Instructor will share all aspects to consider as you begin design your standard based report cards. Learn if Report Works or an Object Reports will do. Learn some of the PS constraints on the technical side that may impact curriculum. Sample object reports will be provided upon completion of the session.  Please ask your questions. This is an online demonstration/Q&A session.  All participants will receive a 30 day license for ParkBench Visual PST software (with an option of upgrading to a yearly license for free).

PowerTeacher and the Gradebook (Martina Mencer Salluzzo)
You will be introduced to the most commonly used parts of the PowerTeacher (daily attendance, multi-section attendance, access to student screens, etc.) and the Gradebook (set up PowerTeacher Gradebook, final grade setup, entering assignments, work with categories, enter comments). The session will also focus on the ways how to communicate with parents and students via the Gradebook using assignment descriptions, content and section description areas and “E-mail students and parents” feature.

IB Reporting Discussion/Round Table (Kristina Ana Sprljan)
This session has been added at the request of many attendees from IB schools. We’ll be discussing how PowerSchool can best be set up to work with IB grading and will follow up on lat year’s conclusions. The format of this session will be a round-table with everyone contributing to the discussion and schools who have wrestled with this problem sharing their experiences and challenges.

Yearly Process (Sanja Kisicek)
One of the biggest responsibilities of a PowerSchool Administrator is ensuring that the End-of-Year Process (aka rollover) goes smoothly and that everything is ready in the system for the new school year. We’ll walk through the timeline of tasks that need to be completed as well as look at some other tips and tricks that can save you time and hassle. We’ll also briefly go over the Start of the Year Process.

DDE & DDA (Sanja Kisicek)
Learn how to use both Direct Data Access and Direct Data Export efficiently and come up with effective data results. We will export different student lists, import new students, access and modify data stored in many different tables and many more.

Open Q&A Session (Jason Springel, Greg Satterwhite, Adam Larsen)
Bring it on! Come in with any question you need an answer to. We will have three very knowledgeable PowerSchool experts on the stage!

Wrap Up and Closing (Sanja Kisicek, Greg Satterwhite, Adam Larsen, Jason Springel)
What did we learn? What do we still need to learn? Feedback. Input. Saying goodbye.

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