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Money Exchange

1.95583 leva = 1 euro.

It is a fixed rate. Do not exchange money at the airport. Use the ATM machine or exchange only 10 euro for your taxi.

Currency Exchange shops are available in each mall in the city.

Sofia Airport

Sofia airport is very small, you cannot get lost. One terminal, one way to the exit.  Never busy. 

Transportation from the airport to the city or to the hotel.

Taxi is available outside the airport. The cost is usually around 15 leva. 7 EUR. Taxi driver do not accept euro, please make sure you have leva.

 Ask the taxi driver to take you to Marinela Hotel. The Hotel is very popular; you don’t need to show any address or more details.  Although we believe that the taxi company that serves the airport is reliable (Okay Taxi) I recommend that you look at the meter if it is running. It happens that some drivers do not turn on the meter and they ask for random amount. If this will happen to you, never pay more than 15 leva.  Actually it should be even less.

Taxi drivers will appreciate the tips if you feel like tipping them, but it is optional.

You can reach the city by Metro.

To the city, it is one line metro; however, for people staying at Marinela hotel, you need to change from Line 1 to Line 2 at Serdika Station. Your destination is Lozenets, and the station where you need to get off called James Baucher Station. The Metro station is right outside the hotel.

Only two Metro Lines support the whole city. Metro in Sofia is safe, clean and reliable. The ticket is 1.60 leva. Less than one euro.

1 EUR = 1.95 leva

Shopping Mall

The biggest Shopping Mall in Sofia “Paradise Mall” is one Metro stop from the hotel toward the right. Metro station is called “Vitisho Station.” 20 minutes waking.

The smallest shopping Mall “Park Center” is again at one Metro stop from the hotel toward the left. Metro station is called ‘Europian Union Metro Station.” 10 minutes walking. 

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