About the School and Host


After last year’s PSUG conference in Rome, here we are this year holding the 2019 PSUG Conference in Carthage, not like in 146 BC, because the Roman Senate decided to destroy Carthage : “Dalenda Est Kartago”, but because we want to build a new bridge of friendship, comprehension and peace between the Northern and Southern Mediterranean shores.

This year is also important for ACST as we are celebrating the American Cooperative School of Tunis ‘s 60th Anniversary as a lighthouse of international Pre-K to Grade 12 education for about 450 students from more 60 nationalities, mostly American then Tunisian.

ACST survived the Tunisian 2011 revolution and 2012 attack with courage, and pursued without interruption, rather with perseverance and grit, its mission and vision “opening doors, hearts and minds.”

ACST reflects our host country, Tunisia, as both are amazing places for explorations and discoveries, unveiling multiple cultures and languages through multiple perspectives.

acst-bluedoor.jpgACST Main Entrance.jpg

About the Host


Moufid Hammami, a Tunisian originally from Southern Tunisia, has been working at ACST for 16 years. Presently ACST’s Database Manager, he has managed PowerSchool since 2006, and has participated in several PowerSchool conferences in the United States and in Europe. Moufid is looking forward to meeting you in the 2019 European PSUG Conference.

He has also been involved in various LIONS Club community service projects since 2005, and coordinated several projects related to the restoration of countryside disfavored elementary schools and assisting needy students in rural areas. He is also the chairperson of District 414 Tunisia Lions International Youth Exchange programme.